Lord Cúán hua hÓcain

In the SCA, the Seneschal is the Local Chapter President, and is responsible for running the meetings, keeping us organized, and in general getting the business of the Riding done.

Master Stefan of Silverforge

The chatelaine is the officer who helps newcomers get started on their journey into the Society, as well as for public demonstrations of what we offer.

Chancellor of the Exchequer
Lady Beatrice Buontalenti da Firenze

The Exchequer is the local chapter treasurer.

Minister of Arts and Sciences
Mistress Astryda Borowska

The Minister of Arts & Sciences is responsible for encouraging A&S in our area. The A&S Minister acts as a resource to help get learners and teachers together, and to help people who want to try to learn new crafts.

Knight Marshal
Master Stefan of Silverforge

The Knight Marshal is a safety officer, responsible for the training of fighters in armored combat, and for scheduling practices

Lady Elen Alswyth of Eriskay

The Riding Herald will provide assistance if you wish to register a persona with the Society College of Heralds. Our Herald can help you create and document a name and a coat of arms which are appropriate to your persona, and can then submit your work to the Society College of Heralds for their approval.

Captain of Archers
Lady Beatrice Buontalenti da Firenze

The Captain or Archers is a safety officer, responsible for the training of participants in Period Archery, and for scheduling practice times.

Rapier Marshal
Lord Rafael de Ayala de Santiago

The Rapier Marshal is an administrative officer responsible for ensuring that the practice of Rapier Combat throughout the Riding is safely overseen by Fencing Marshals, and for scheduling practices

Lord Cúán hua hÓcain

The webminister is responsible for maintaining the recognized website for the Riding and supervising all recognized websites within the Riding and assists any Riding Officers who may wish add material relating to their Office to the Giggleswick web site or server.